The Complete G. Herbo aka Lil Herb discography.

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Disclaimer: Please note that we claim no rights to any of the tracks provided below, we’re simply fans interested in promoting work from our favorite artists.

Note: For obvious reasons I’m not going to go through and upload every single one of his loosies to a file sharing website, so a zip to download them all will be included below. Provided you want to download his Mixtapes one by one you can do so by using the buttons below.

Download: Road To Riches
Download: Road to Fazoland
Download: Welcome To Fazoland
Download: PPP (Pistol P Project)
Download: B.l.i.k (Balling Like I’m Kobe)
Download: Strictly 4 My Fans
Download: Welcome To Fazoland 1.5

Leaks + Releases in 2017.

G. Herbo – That’s How I Grew Up
G. Herbo – Rain
G. Herbo – Reject
G. Herbo – Got Em Sick (feat. Lil Bibby)
G. Herbo – Dat Nigga
G. Herbo – Blackin Out (Feat. Lil Bibby)
G. Herbo – Humble Beast (Intro)
G. Herbo – Vibin
G. Herbo – Sin & Games
G. Herbo – Rob
G. Herbo – I Like
G. Herbo – Rain Bounce
G. Herbo – Mufucka
G. Herbo – Red Snow
G. Herbo – Legend
G. Herbo – Mansion Flow
G. Herbo – I Got That
G. Herbo – For Real For Real
G. Herbo – Countin’ 100s
G. Herbo – Hot Shit (Feat. Lil Bibby)
G. Herbo – 10 Limit (Feat. OP)


Packs – See Us Wit It (Feat. G. Herbo)
CEOSonSon – Nonsense (Feat. G. Herbo)
Playboi Carti – No Limit (Feat. G. Herbo)
Tink – Mine (Feat. G. Herbo)

Download: All G. Herbo – 2017 tracks.

Download: All G. Herbo – Loosies.

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